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Privacy policy

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In order to specify the terms and denominations contained in the following document, they are indicated verbatim, as well as their abbreviated mention, which will be read henceforth throughout the contract signed in the manner indicated below: 

• APP. It is the application  that provides a communication platform that provides information in order to contract medical services. 

• DOC. It is the name and registered trademark in which the App offering the service is called. 


• THE PROFESSIONAL: is the professional in the health area who will provide the consultation service to THE USER. 

• THE USER, person who proceeds to request a service with THE specific PROFESSIONAL through the APP. 

• THE CONSULTATION: professional consultation that  THE PROFESSIONAL carries out with THE USER

• PAYMENT GATEWAY: External company that provides the service of means of payment by credit / debit card, to Virtual Medical International (VMI) LLC.

• SERVICES: Our mobile applications, services, features, software or website referred to as DOCs.

• PPD: Data Privacy Policies detailedin this document.

• Ts&Cs: Published and current VMI Terms and Conditions.

At Virtual Medical International (VMI) LLC, we have created our SERVICES based on principles of privacy and confidentiality. In our Data  Privacy Policy we will call DOC the communication application   between THE USER and THE PROFESSIONAL. In this document you will find:

DOC privacy policy

Overview of the privacy policy and user data

At VMI, we build our SERVICES with a set of privacy principles.  VMI provides communication, Internet calling and other services to users around the world. Our Privacy Policy helps explain our information practices (including messaging). 

This Privacy Policy applies to all of our applications, services, features, software and website (collectively, " SERVICES ") unless otherwise specified.

Information We Collect

VMI receives or collects information when we operate and provide our SERVICES.

Information that THE USER provides

• Your Account Information. THE USER provides us with personal, banking and medical information and confirms that he is authorized to provide us with such information. You can also add other information to your account, such as a profile name, profile picture, and pictures.

• Your messages. For the purpose of providing our services, we retain messages in the ordinary course of providing our SERVICES. Once the messages (including your chats, photos, videos, voice messages, files and share location information) are delivered, they are archived for the purpose of being consulted by THE PROFESSIONAL, the USER or the REPRESENTATIVE later. 

• Attention to THE USER.  YOU may provide us with information related to your use of our SERVICES, including copies of your messages, and how to contact you so that we can provide you with due attention. 

• Information about your health: THE USER through his registration in DOC provides useful information for THE PROFESSIONAL. Each time THE USER has a query through DOC expressly authorizes DOC to share that information with the professional who attends him.

Information Collected Automatically

• Usage and Registration Information. We collect service-related, diagnostic, and performance information. This includes information about your activity (such as how you use our SERVICES, how you interact with others through our SERVICES, and the like), log and diagnostic files, crash, website, and performance logs and reports.

• Transactional information.  VMI may receive information and confirmations, such as payment receipts.

• Device and connection information. We collect device-specific information when you install, access, or use our SERVICES. This includes information such as hardware model, operating system  information, geolocation, browser information, IP address, mobile network information including phone number and device identifiers. 

• Cookies. We use cookies to operate and provide our SERVICES and web-based, as well as improve your experiences, understand how our SERVICES are used, and personalize our SERVICES. We may also use cookies to understand which of our FAQs are most popular and to show you relevant content related to our SERVICES. In addition, we may use cookies to remember choices, such as language preferences, and otherwise to personalize our SERVICES for YOU.  

• Heatmap: We use pieces of software to analyze the behavior of different users within our SERVICES.

How We Use Information

We use all the information we have to help us operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support and market our SERVICES.

• Our SERVICES. We operate and provide our SERVICES, including providing customer support, and improving, fixing and customizing our SERVICES. We understand how people use our SERVICES, analyze and use the information we have to evaluate and improve our SERVICES and research, develop and test new services and features, and carry out troubleshooting activities. We also use THE USER's information to respond to you when you contact us. We use cookies to operate, provide, improve, understand, and personalize our SERVICES.

• Safety. We verify accounts, activity, and promote security on and off our SERVICES, for example, investigating suspicious activity or violations of our Ts&Cs, and to ensure that our SERVICES are used lawfully.

• No third-party banner ads. We do not allow third-party banner ads on DOC. We do not intend to submit them, but if we ever do, we will update this policy.

Information that THE USER and we share

YOU share your information as you use and communicate through our SERVICES and we share your information to help us operate, provide, improve, understand, personalize, support and market our SERVICES, but adhering to our Privacy Policy.

• Account Information: Personal and medical information, profile name and photo, of THE USER  may be available to anyone that THE USER authorizes. Communicating with a professional of choice for a business, legal, or health consultation authorizes VMI to disclose the information to that professional. 

• Information of products or services recommended by THE PROFESSIONAL: VMI may share the information of the  products or services recommended by  THE PROFESSIONAL to THE USER to the extent that it  removes personal references that allow to identify the sender or receiver of the information (anonymize the information). DOC may use this information for statistical and commercial purposes  and share it with third parties if it so wishes.

Assignment, change of control and transfer

All of our rights and obligations under our Privacy Policy are freely assignable by us to any of our affiliates, in connection with a merger, acquisition, restructuring or sale of assets, or by operation of law or otherwise, and we may transfer your information to any of our affiliates, successor entities or new owner.

Managing Your Information

If you wish to manage, change, limit or delete your information, we allow you to do so through the following tools:

• You can change your profile picture at any time or update your personal and medical information.

• Deletion of the DOC account of THE USER. THE USER candelete their DOC account at any time (including if they wish to revoke their consent to the use of our information) using our delete my account function in the application. When THE USER deletes his DOC account, the information shared by him remains.  THE USER should note that if you only delete our SERVICES from your device without using our account deletion feature in the application, your information may be stored with us for a longer period. Remember that when you delete the account, the information that other users have related to THE USER is not affected.

Law and Protection

We may collect, use, preserve, and share your information if we believe in good faith that it is reasonably necessary to: (a) respond pursuant to applicable law or regulation, legal process, or governmental requests; (b) enforce our Ts&Cs and any other applicable terms and policies, including for investigations of potential violations; (c) detect, investigate, prevent and address fraud and other illegal activities, security or technical issues; or (d) protect the rights, property, and safety of our users, VMI, or others.


About cookies

A cookie is a small text file that a website you visit asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device. We use cookies to understand, protect, operate and provide our SERVICES. For example, we use cookies:

• provide web and desktop DOC and other web-based services, improve your experiences, understand how our SERVICES are used, and personalize our SERVICES;

• to understand which of our FAQs are most popular and show you relevant content related to our SERVICES;

• to remember your choices, such as your language preferences, and otherwise to personalize our SERVICES for YOU; And

• to rank FAQs on our website based on popularity, understand mobile versus desktop users of our web-based SERVICES, or understand the popularity and effectiveness of some of our web pages.

How to control cookies

You can follow the instructions provided by your browser or device (usually located under "Settings" or "Preferences") to modify your cookie settings. Please note that if you set your browser or device to disable cookies, some of our SERVICES may not function properly.

Our Global Operations

YOU consent to our information practices, including the collection, use, processing and sharing of your information as described in this Privacy Policy, as well as the transfer and processing of your information to countries worldwide where we have or use facilities, service providers or partners, or representatives  regardless of where you use our SERVICES. THE USER acknowledges that the laws, regulations and standards of the country in which your information is stored or processed may be different from those of your own country.

Updates to our policy

We may modify or update our Privacy Policy. We will notify you of modifications to this Privacy Policy, as appropriate, and update the "last modified" date at the top of this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of our SERVICES confirms your acceptance of our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy you should stop using our SERVICES. Please review our Privacy Policy regularly.

Overview of the privacy policy and user data

VMI cares about your privacy, for that reason  the VMI Privacy Policy is  secure and strict for all types of information we receive and collect; how we use and share this information is strictly attached to the service provided, it is not shared for other purposes. The information provided by THE USER corresponds to data generated to provide the service, related to personal information, medical history and bank details; In each case they are directed and redirected or used under the strictest confidentiality, without extending their use or transfer for other purposes. The personal and medical data are for the use of  the professional service  provided and therefore THE PROFESSIONAL is the  only one authorized to provide you with your information; in the case of bank data to make the payment of the requested service, it is through PAYMENT GATEWAY, which corresponds to financial agencies that proceed with the transaction of crediting the corresponding payment; of which VMI  is not a participant in such action, the financial data are recorded in the application with the most sensitive protection and security thereof, also the PAYMENT GATEWAY absolutely guarantees the privacy of the banking information provided by THE USER.  VMI will not use the data of  THE USER for purposes other than those of the provision of the service, it could issue, however,  reports of use and recommendations to third parties as long as the data is anonymized.

YOU agree to our data backup practices, including the collection, use, processing and sharing of your information as described in our Privacy Policy, regardless of where you use our SERVICES. THE USER acknowledges that the laws, regulations and standards of the country in which your information is stored or processed may be different from those of your own country.

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