Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Version 11 - Last Modified: 19 May 2022


In order to specify the terms and denominations contained in the following declaration, they are indicated verbatim, as well as their abbreviated mention, which will be read from now on throughout the signed document in the manner indicated below: 

  • APP. It is the application  that provides a communication platform that provides information in order to contract health services. 

  • DOC. It is the name and registered trademark in which the App offering the service is called. 

  • Virtual Medical International (VMI) LLC, is the company that legally supports the commercial activity of the service offered by DOC. 

  • THE PROFESSIONAL is the professional in the health area who will provide services to THE USER. 

  • THE USER, person who proceeds to request a health service  with THE specific PROFESSIONAL through the APP. 

  • THE REPRESENTATIVE: Is the representative of a pharmaceutical company that promotes its products with THE PROFESSIONAL. Also called Medical Visitor

  • THE CONSULTATION: professional consultation that  THE PROFESSIONAL carries out with THE USER

  • THE VISIT: Promotional visit made by THE REPRESENTATIVE to the PROFESSIONAL. 

  • PAYMENT GATEWAY: External company that provides the service of means of payment by credit / debit card, to Virtual Medical International (VMI) LLC.

  • SERVICES: Our mobile applications, services, features, software or website.

  • Ts&Cs: Terms and Conditions included and detailed in this document.

At Virtual Medical International (VMI) LLC, we have created our SERVICES based on principles of privacy and confidentiality. In our Legal Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy we will call DOC the communication application   between THE USER and THE PROFESSIONAL  or THE  REPRESENTATIVE and  THE PROFESSIONAL. In this document you will find:

The Terms and Conditions of Service

Acceptable Use of Our SERVICES


Limitation of Liability


Dispute Resolution

Availability and termination of our SERVICES

Intellectual Property Policy: Your Copyrights and Trademarks

DOC Payment Policies

Appointment Management Policies

The Terms and Conditions of Service

Virtual Medical International (VMI) LLC. , is nota health care provider organization. Its product, DOC, is a communication platform that connects two  or more people (USER  and PROFESSIONAL or PROFESSIONALS and REPRESENTATIVES and PROFESIONALES) and allows you to schedule the meeting and charge fees.  THE PROFESSIONAL who uses DOC must comply with the requirements established in their respective country to practice the profession.

DOC facilitates and provides messaging, linking, calls via the Internet to:

  • users of services locally and internationally, with the opportunity to opt for a health consultation, with a duly accredited health professional, who may be located in a country other than that in which THE USER or THE PROFESSIONAL resides, to the extent that it does not contravene any law where it is used. 

  • REPRESENTATIVES or Medical Visitors locally and internationally, with the opportunity to opt for  a medical visit,  with a duly accredited health professional, who may be located in a country other than the one where THE USER or THE PROFESSIONAL resides, to the extent that it does not contravene any law where it is used.

It is essential that THE PROFESSIONAL proceed to read our terms and conditions (Ts&Cs) and the privacy policy in order to establish the parameters of use of DOC.  THE PROFESSIONAL accepts our Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policies by installing, accessing or using our SERVICES.

DOC provides a database of health services in  a wide range of specialties from which THE USER and THE REPRESENTATIVE mayaccess and request according to their free choice, prior to the complete inclusion of the required information  in the respective profiles. In the case of THE USER, this information refers to personal data, history, medical preference and medical information. 

THE USER, expressly, and in advance, has authorized DOC so that THE PROFESSIONAL has unrestricted access to all the information provided by him, prior to his express authorization at the time of the provision of the service,  to be used for the exclusive purposes of providing  the medical service. For its part, DOC guarantees that the safeguard of this will be kept confidential for your security.

DOC proceeds only to verify THE PROFESSIONAL through a reliable and suitable source, in accordance with the consultation system of each country, which in principle is based on the College of Professionals in medical services that applies, local association or other means or organization in which the academic qualification of the professional offering the medical service and his authorization to legally exercise his profession in that territory is verified.

For its part, THE PROFESSIONAL will proceed to  provide necessary information about their academic degree, titles, endorsements of their experience and specialty, which will be exposed in DOC so that THE USER has the data required to proceed to request the medical service. 

Likewise, THE PROFESSIONAL, once approved, may recommend other colleagues through the DOC reference option. The colleague will register with DOC and will refer to THE PROFESSIONAL by using its DOC code.  THE PROFESSIONAL will  receive an email with the necessary information from his colleague and will proceed to approve it or not. If approved, the colleague will be able to provide services using DOC as a platform.  THE PROFESSIONAL assumes full responsibility for the legal capacities of the referred in terms of the exercise of his profession in the country where he was recommended, thus releasing DOC from that responsibility.  

THE PROFESSIONAL may also have been referred by a representative of a pharmaceutical company (REPRESENTATIVE or Medical Visitor). In this case it will be registered in DOC and will refer to the pharmaceutical company and the REPRESENTATIVE. The REPRESENTATIVE of the pharmaceutical company will receive an email with the necessary information from THE PROFESSIONAL and will proceed to approve it or not. If approved, THE PROFESSIONAL will be able to provide services using DOC as a platform. The REPRESENTATIVE assumes full responsibility for the legal capacities of the referred in terms of the exercise of his profession in the country where he was recommended, thus releasing DOC from that responsibility.  

AFFIDAVIT OF THE PROFESSIONAL: THE PROFESSIONAL DECLARES UNDER OATH that he knows the legal and criminal implications of the   country in which he resides, on the crime of perjury, therefore, states: that the content of the data of his profile and all personal and professional information is true, reliable, has support and accreditation of his academic attestations,  In addition, THE PROFESSIONAL guarantees that his experience is the product of his professional practice. Likewise, he states that he will execute his work attached to the  morals, ethics, oathsof his profession; he will carry out his professional practice with the greatest effort and responsibility; he will not be able to provide his service in a specialty different from the one he is trained in. The general information, profile, history and medical data of THE USER are used only for the purpose of the service provided, so it will maintain absolute discretion, confidentiality and protection of the information from third parties not related to the service provided. The fees set for  the services are established by THE PROFESSIONAL, so that fulfilled the service of attention will comply with the derived tax responsibilities. The fees for services agreed in favor of DOC are freely and expressly accepted.  THE PROFESSIONAL has full knowledge, understands the implications of commitments, legal responsibilities and expressly accepts THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS in their entirety that are confirmed in the creation of their profile, and therefore, declares under oath that in everything that corresponds to them are of mandatory observance and exercise both in relation to THE USER and DOC. 


It is established that the link between the two is under the following agreements:

  • THE PROFESSIONAL accepts that  DOC may require him to accredit and demonstrate with documentation the academic statements, courses, conferences, symposia, training and any information that he exposes in his personal and academic profile.  It is not DOC's responsibility to verify such documents.  THE PROFESSIONAL is solely responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the information provided to DOC and published in the application.

  • In the event of any criminal, civil or disciplinary complaint filed by a USER or by a third party   against THE PROFESSIONAL, whether derived from the service provided through DOC or not, THE PROFESSIONAL must,  immediately, inform DOC in writing. 

  • It is revocable by DOC unilaterally not to offer the service of THE PROFESSIONAL, of which it  may or may  not proceed with a direct communication  to THE PROFESSIONAL, but this will not generate responsibility or compensation attributable to DOC.  

  • THE PROFESSIONAL agrees to establish an option in order to publish by THE USER comments of its service and accepts that DOC has no responsibility for the content, nor the author of the comments or messages. 

  • The fee rate of the health service  is set by THE PROFESSIONAL and communicated in writing to DOC through the same application, when completing the profile.  For information purposes only, DOC will display the rate and its expenses in local currency calculated at the exchange rate of the day. Transactions will be made in dollars, legal tender of the United States of America.

  • THE PROFESSIONAL does not charge fees for medical visits made by REPRESENTATIVES.

  • The charge for DOC SERVICES, is established on the rate set by THE PROFESSIONAL and is added to such rate. DOC reserves the right to inform THE USER of the breakdown of that final rate. THE PROFESSIONAL has no interference in determining the rate that DOC charges for its SERVICES. Such rate may be varied unilaterally by DOC without the need to inform  THE PROFESSIONAL.

  • The discounts or exemption from payment granted by THE PROFESSIONAL in favor of THE USER  does not exonerate  this USER from paying the fee that DOC charges for its services or DOC  from the collection of its SERVICES, so that such charges, if they are not covered  by THE USER, will be assumed by THE PROFESSIONAL and reduced from the corresponding payment.

  • Tax, fiscal and tax burden compliance are attributable to THE PROFESSIONAL, as well as the issuance of the service invoice, which will be issued for the total rate set. 

  • THE PROFESSIONAL does not have any relationship of exclusivity with DOC, you can use the service platform from any location where you are without any restriction.

  • THE PROFESSIONAL expressly excludes DOC from any agreement it has with external organizations such as companies providing medical services, insurers or others with whom it may have service agreements. 

  • This document of Terms, Conditions is accepted by THE PROFESSIONAL and  of faithful fulfillment in all its commitments and obligations that correspond to it. 

  • THE PROFESSIONAL must install on his computer or the electronic medium to be used, the information systems, updates and programs necessary for the installation and correct use of THE APP in order to enable the communication of THE USER and thus provide the service offered. 

  • In cases where the patient who requires the service is a minor, THE PROFESSIONAL must verify  that the patient is accompanied by THE USER and that this is a person with legal powers in the country of residence, during the entire time of  the provision of the service. 

  • It is forbidden for THE PROFESSIONAL to  contact directly or indirectly the PAYMENT GATEWAY for purposes and object related to DOC. 

  • The provider of the service is  THE PROFESSIONAL to THE  USER, or THE REPRESENTATIVE to  the PROFESSIONAL and  such services are requested through the APP and DOC is only  the communication platform for the execution of  the service. In this understanding, THE PROFESSIONAL enjoys independence in the criterion of how to provide  the services or attention to the REPRESENTATIVE. DOC does not assume any responsibility for the content of the messages of  THE PROFESSIONAL,  THE USER or THE REPRESENTATIVE.

  • THE USER may expose their comments, qualifications, references of THE PROFESSIONAL in the APP.

  • DOC does not provide the health service, is not responsible for the execution of the provision of the service, the diagnosis, is not  a commercial partner or provider of the consultation;  DOC provides the link between  THE PROFESSIONAL who is the provider of the service and the  applicant who is THE USER, therefore, is not responsible for the service in its execution, DOC does not intervene in the service directly, in such character DOC does not assume civil and criminal responsibilities in the provision of the service, since DOC appears as a communication platform  and only corresponds to provide the means  as a communication platform for the service to be provided by THE PROFESSIONAL. 

  • DOC does not provide the medical visit service, is not responsible for the execution of the provision of the service, DOC provides the link between THE PROFESSIONAL and THE REPRESENTATIVE who is the provider of the service, therefore, is not responsible for the service in its execution, DOC does not intervene in the service directly, in such character DOC does not assume civil  and  criminal responsibilities in the provision of the service,   since DOC is listed as a communication platform  and is only responsible for providing communication services. 

THE USER before the request of the service must within the APP comply with the payment of:

  • the fees of THE PROFESSIONAL, rate established according to the fixing of each health professional. The rate is not a uniform amount, nor a single amount and it is possible that variations in rates of different professionals within the same specialty are observed; DOC does not establish the fee for the services,  nor does it charge  you, it conforms to what is set by THE PROFESSIONAL.

  • the service provided by DOC may vary depending on the occasion, service levels, file size, bandwidth occupancy level, etc. The DOC service fee is specified next to the specification of the THE PROFESSIONAL's rate, prior to purchase by THE USER.

  • Once the service provided has been executed, THE PROFESSIONAL will issue to the USER, without the intervention of DOC, at his own risk, and if he so decides, the invoice of the consultation in accordance with the rate established in the APP.DOC has no link in such compliance, nor is it the subject of a claim by THE USER or local tax entities for the omission of the issue.

  • It is the faculty and alternative of THE PROFESSIONAL to  apply discounts or exempt from payment of the fees of the service provided to THE USER. This does not represent an exoneration or omission of the payment of the amount set in the terms agreed between  THE PROFESSIONAL and DOC of the fee for communication services, since it  is a power of  THE PROFESSIONAL not  to charge for their services, but this may not represent an economic loss for DOC so it will correspond  to THE PROFESSIONAL to cover the  rate agreed with THE USER by DOC to provide the service   if THE USER does not.

  • The fee rate of the service is set by THE PROFESSIONAL and communicated in writing to DOC through the same application, when completing the profile.  For informational purposes only, DOC will display the medical fee and your expenses in local currency calculated at  the exchange rate of the day. Transactions will be made in dollars, legal tender of the United States of America.

THE REPRESENTATIVE shall not comply with   any payment of any direct payment:

  • the fees of THE PROFESSIONAL.

  • the service provided by DOC

  • Once the service provided has been executed, there will be no issuance of tax receipts because there has been no process of buying and selling services.

NO ACCESS TO EMERGENCY SERVICES: There are important differences between DOC and its mobile, landline and SMS services. Our SERVICES do not provide access to emergency services, nor to emergency service providers, such as police, paramedics  or fire departments or hospitals.

Acceptable Use of Our SERVICES

Registration. THE PROFESSIONAL must register in our SERVICES using accurate and reliable data. Impersonation, use of personal data of a third party who is not the person who proceeds to the registration and who is not authorized, is penalized by law. THE PROFESSIONAL relieves DOC of responsibility in case of  the above assumptions.

Age. THE USER must be of legal age to use our SERVICES and  in the case of THE USER who demands the service of THE PROFESSIONAL corresponds to a minor, the  authorized to access the APP must be the parent who holds parental authority, the judicial depositary or a person of legal age in accordance with the country of residence. 

Devices and Software. THE PROFESSIONAL  must provide devices, software and data connections, while using our SERVICES, THE PROFESSIONAL agrees to download and install updates, to accessthe APP even automatically.   

Fees and taxes. The charges and taxes associated with the use of DOC are established in accordance with the competence of each country in which the service is provided and are borne by THE USER or THE PROFESSIONAL, as the case may be.

Fare.  The amount set for the service is established by THE PROFESSIONAL. We do not provide refunds for our SERVICES and use of the App, except as required by law.

Payment.  The applicable fee to proceed to use the service offered when it is a CONSULTATION must be paid in advance. The entry of the data of the means of payment and the execution of this, is through the use of PAYMENT GATEWAY, an organization that is external to DOC. This is a company that provides the service and management independently. DOC is not directly responsible for such a transaction, nor for the safeguarding of the data, since the link to this concept is to capture and credit the payment of the service to be provided by THE PROFESSIONAL.  In case the payment is in cash or by bank transfer or otherwise, THE PROFESSIONAL will be responsible for collecting such payment  as  well as the DOC service fee. These DOC services will be deducted from the payment that DOC makes to the professional as settlement for their services.

In case of using THE USER a means of payment that is not the holder, that the information of the card used was illegally copied, DOC is not responsible for such action, because it only proves that the payment is made according to the rate of THE SERVICE.

DOC may have agreements with insurance companies or other entities. If THE USER accesses the service  through any  of them, he must have the pre-authorization of the entity for the payment of the service and THE PROFESSIONAL must be registered in the network of bidders of the company. Both requirements are required  to be verified for DOC to implement in the rate the percentage of the deductible for the payment of the fees. 


Accredited payment THE USER has access to the information of the providers of health services according to the  specialties, it is decision, option and unilateral choice of THE USER to opt for THE PROFESSIONAL to whom the service will be requested. 

DOC will provide the digital platform with the communication link between  THE USER with THE PROFESSIONAL. Once the choice  of THE PROFESSIONAL has been established and the service paid in  case of virtual consultations, or the service agreement has been established in person, THE USER proceeds to contact either by video call, text message, call or conference calls or face-to-face  visit, sending documents to accessthe  exam APP,  photographs or what is required by THE PROFESSIONAL, in order for him to provide the health care service; proceeding to the assessment, diagnosis and recommendation. If it is your power as an accredited professional, you can submit an order for examinations, medication or what is appropriate according to the independent criteria of THE PROFESSIONAL. DOC is not a participant in these services, nor responsible for the quality of the information provided by both the USER  and THE PROFESSIONAL, given that its service is only to provide the communication platform of the session with the specialist or PROFESSIONAL. 

The time of the consultation is variable by  THE PROFESSIONAL, time that is  predetermined, in case of delay, the late connection on the part of THE USER is assumed in the time stipulated in disposition for the consultation. In case of exceeding the stipulated time, THE USER must request an additional appointment. It is the power  of THE PROFESSIONAL to charge fees for canceled appointments or for non-participation of THE USER in a scheduled appointment. In such cases. DOC will charge for services provided according to its regular rates.

It is the power of DOC to charge services for non-participation of THE PROFESSIONAL in a scheduled appointment with a  USER or with a MEDICAL VISITOR.

Our Terms and Policies. You must use the SERVICES in accordance with our Ts&Cs and published policies. If we disable the account for a violation of our Ts&Cs   and Privacy Policy, you will be notified of the procedure and no other account will be created without our permission.

Legal and Acceptable Use. THE PROFESSIONAL accesses and uses our SERVICES only for legal, lawful, authorized and acceptable purposes. You will not use (or assist others to use) our SERVICES in a manner that: (a) violates, misappropriates or infringes the rights or information of DOC, other USERS,  THE REPRESENTATIVE or THE PROFESSIONAL including privacy, publicity, intellectual property, banking; (b) are unlawful, unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or instigate or encourage conduct that is illegal or inappropriate; (c) impersonate, or use all or part of the data of a third party; (e) involve any non-personal use of our SERVICES unless otherwise authorized by us.

Harm to DOC or our users. THE PROFESSIONAL  must not (or help others to) access, use, copy, adapt, modify, prepare derivative works based on distributing, licensing, sublicensing, transferring, displaying, performing or exploiting our SERVICES in an inadmissible or unauthorized manner, or that burden, deteriorate or damage us, our SERVICES, our systems, our users or others, including that THE PROFESSIONAL  You must not directly or through automated means: 

(a) reverse engineer, alter, modify, create derivative works from, decompile or extract code from our SERVICES; 

(b) send, store or transmit viruses or other harmful computer code through or to our SERVICES; 

(c) gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to our SERVICES or systems; 

(d) interfere with or disrupt the integrity or performance of our SERVICES; 

(e) create accounts for our SERVICES through unauthorized or automated means; (f) collect information from or about our users in any impermissible or unauthorized manner; 

(g) sell, resell, rent, collect or promote our SERVICES without our express authorization.

Keep your account secure. THE PROFESSIONAL is responsible for keeping your device and your DOC account safe and secure and must promptly notify us of any unauthorized use or breach of security of your account or our SERVICES.


Your Rights. DOC does not use for other purposes,  except those described in these Ts&Cs, the personal, medical and banking information that THE PROFESSIONAL sends to his DOC account.  THE PROFESSIONAL must have the necessary rights over such information. 

DOC owns all copyrights, trademarks, domains, logos, trade dresses, trade secrets, patents and other intellectual property rights associated with our SERVICES.  THE PROFESSIONAL must not use our copyrights, trademarks, domains, logos, trade dress, patents and other intellectual property rights unless you have our express written permission.

DOC license for THE PROFESSIONAL.  DOC grants you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable license to use our SERVICES, subject to and in accordance with our Ts&Cs. This license has the sole purpose of allowing THE PROFESSIONAL to  use our SERVICES, in accordance with our Ts&Cs. The registration and registration in DOC by THE PROFESSIONAL serves as express acceptance of the Ts&Cs that are exposed in this document, as a requirement to access our SERVICES. 

Limitation of Liability

DOC is only, a means and facilitator of an information platform between: 1) THE PROFESSIONAL and THE USER  or  THE PROFESSIONAL and THE REPRESENTATIVE,  2)  THE USER and the PAYMENT GATEWAY. Due to this, the execution of the services of PAYMENT GATEWAY and medical service is not the responsibility, they are not in charge, they are not directly linked to DOC. For requirements, claims and any act derived from the service provided by both  THE PROFESSIONAL, and the PAYMENT GATEWAY, the USER must proceed directly with the corresponding offeror, not with DOC, given that the execution, guarantee, in the case of diagnosis, treatment, recommendations  of THE PROFESSIONAL, are directly the responsibility of THE PROFESSIONAL or  service provider; as well as what is appropriate with the accreditation of the payment is the exclusive competence of the PAYMENT GATEWAY. There is no legal link to guarantee by DOC the situations or events derived from the aforementioned  services, which is applicable to both THE USER and THE PROFESSIONAL, so it must proceed with the claim, management or action against THE PROFESSIONAL or the  PAYMENT GATEWAY as the case may be, given that DOC is not an offeror of said services and will not be able to manage the claim in any way or solve the solution. of what was requested.


THE PROFESSIONAL expressly agrees to hold DOC harmless from liabilities, damages, losses and expenses of any kind (including reasonable legal fees and costs) related to and arising from the following: (a) your access to or use of our SERVICES, including the information provided in connection therewith; (b) your breach or alleged breach of our Ts&Cs and Privacy Policy; or (c) any misrepresentation made by THE PROFESSIONAL; (d) in case of proceeding by DOC to disconnect, block, disable the account  of THE PROFESSIONAL, for reasons derived from abuse, misuse, illicit use, total or partial breach, non-observance of the Ts&Cs that were expressly understood, accepted and known by THE PROFESSIONAL. (h) In cases of identity theft, use of data that are not of THE PROFESSIONAL in which it proceeds fraudulently, intervention of a hacker (cyber criminal) with  computer knowledge who is dedicated to illegally access other people's computer systems and manipulate them; In view of the fact that for DOC there is no  possibility of verifying the data entered by THE PROFESSIONAL or the illegal entry of the hacker, there is no responsibility of DOC for acts such as those described, (j) Any event of force majeure that is not attributable to DOC.  THE PROFESSIONAL will fully cooperate as we require in the defense or settlement of any Claim.

Dispute Resolution

Forum and Venue. THE PROFESSIONAL is a user of DOC,  therefore expressly accepts that, in the event of a conflict arising from the participation described in these Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy related to DOC any reclamation will be resolved exclusively in the Courts of Justice of the Republic of Costa Rica. 

Governing Law. The laws of the Republic of Costa Rica govern our Ts&Cs, as well as any day, whether in court or arbitration, that may arise between DOC and THE PROFESSIONAL.

Availability and termination of our SERVICES

Availability of our SERVICES.  Our SERVICES may be interrupted by maintenance, repairs, upgrades, network failures  , equipment or DOCs, including certain features and support for certain devices and platforms, at any time. Events beyond our control may affect our SERVICES, such as events in nature and other force majeure events.

Termination. We may modify, suspend or terminate your access to or use of our SERVICES at any time and unilaterally. If there is a violation, total or partial breach of our Ts&Cs, Privacy Policy, or damage, risk or possible legal exposure to DOC. or our users; DOC may suspend the services provided, without this protecting liability or compensation on the part of DOC.  Notwithstanding suspending, modifying or terminating your access all Ts&Cs remain in effect upon any termination of your relationship with DOC.


In this section everything related to the mention of Ts&Cs is referred to the  full name of Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy, therefore, it will be read in the abbreviated form, but it is in reference to the entire denomination.

  • The Ts&Cs constitute the basic and mandatory agreement that governs between and all, THE USER, THE REPRESENTATIVE, THE PROFESSIONAL and DOC, of which it determines the obligations and rights, in the case of uses and use of the application. 

  • We may ask THE PROFESSIONAL to accept additional Ts&Cs or their update, for our SERVICES in the future, which will govern and are mandatory immediately.

  • Our SERVICES are not intended for distribution or use in any country that violates local law. We reserve the right to limit our SERVICES in any country.

  • Our SERVICES will not be used or downloaded  if either THE USER, THE REPRESENTATIVE or THE PROFESSIONAL are located in a restricted country, and the location will be disguised through IP proxy or other methods.  

  • Our Ts&Cs are written in Spanish. Any translated version is provided for your convenience only. To the extent that any translated version of our Ts&Cs conflicts with the Spanish version  , the Spanish version is the official and legally governable version.

  • Any modification or waiver of our Terms requires our express consent and will be known and expressly accepted by THE PROFESSIONAL.

  • We may modify or update these Ts&Cs. We will notify changes, as appropriate, and update and post the "last modified" date at the top of our Ts&Cs. Your continued use  of our SERVICES confirms acceptance of our  updated Ts&Cs. If anyone disagrees with  our Ts&Cs they should stop using our SERVICES. It is necessary that our Ts&Cs be reviewed in detail and regularly when accessing the use of the application.

  • No one may transfer any of their rights or obligations under our Ts&Cs to any other person without our prior written consent.

  • Except as contemplated herein, our Ts&Cs do not grant third-party beneficiary rights.

  • If we do not enforce any of our Ts&Cs, it will not be considered a waiver.

  • If any provision of these Ts&Cs  is held to be unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from our Ts&Cs and  shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. 

  • We reserve all rights not expressly granted by us to THE PROFESSIONAL. In certain jurisdictions, you may have statutory rights as a consumer, and our Ts&Cs do not intend to limit such statutory consumer rights that cannot be waived by contract.

  • We always appreciate comments or other suggestions about DOC and our SERVICES and those comments or suggestions may be used without any obligation to compensate them. For DOC and THE PROFESSIONAL do not represent a commitment to apply a discount or royalty for the suggestions exposed, as well as no one has any obligation to offer them. THE USER  may expose the comments of the service provided by  THE PROFESSIONAL, which constitute references, its wording and content are the absolute responsibility of the author of the comment, that is, THE USER, this does not generate a link or commitment of DOC for any of the parties.  

Intellectual Property Policy: Your Copyrights and Trademarks

THE PROFESSIONAL accepts  our Ts&Cs by installing, accessing or using our application, services, features, software or website (collectively, "SERVICES"). Our Ts&Cs do not allow THE PROFESSIONAL to  violate another person's intellectual property rights by using our SERVICES, including their copyrights and trademarks.  As explained in more detail  in our Privacy Policy, we keep the messages of our users in the normal course of providing our SERVICES in order that THE PROFESSIONAL can better exercise his work with the USER.  Wecollect our users' account information, including profile picture, profile name, if they choose to include them as part of their account information.


To report trademark infringement and request that DOC remove any infringing content you are hosting, please email a complete trademark infringement claim to contacto@DOC.cr (including all information listed below), subject to verification of infringement according to the judicial or administrative declaration that determines it as such,  and in such event DOC respects any resolution that accredits it and will implement the order.

Before reporting a claim of trademark infringement, you may want to send a message to the DOC user that you believe may be infringing your trademark. You may be able to resolve the issue without contacting DOC.

DOC Payment Policy

Last modified: 19 May 2022

Virtual Medical International (VMI) LLC. ("DOC", "our", "we" or "us") provides messages, Internet calls to users around the world. Companies such as PAYMENT GATEWAYS are the ones who carry out the payment movements of the USER.  THE PROFESSIONAL accepts the Terms of Payments when you use our services. 

About our payment service

Our role. Payments are a service we provide through and in coordination with  designated PAYMENT GATEWAYS. We provide a convenient platform that allows you to submit transaction instructions for processing. We are not a licensed financial institution, we do not receive, transfer or store funds and we are not responsible for interruptions or acts or omissions of the service, including the payment, settlement and settlement of funds. THE USER has a separate relationship with the bank with respect to his bank account, and DOC has no affiliation with the bank in this regard. DOC does not charge the USER directly and does not pay the PROFESSIONAL directly. The USER is charged a PAYMENT GATEWAY and  the PROFESSIONAL  is paid by a third accredited company in the country where THE PROFESSIONAL resides.

About the payment flow

  • DOC is not the recipient of the payment of theService executedor by THE PROFESSIONAL, it is the PAYMENT GATEWAY. This will transfer such payments to DOC, and this in turn will transfer them to an independent third company that is duly registered in the country where THE PROFESSIONAL  is authorized to operate, and this in turn will transfer to  the PROFESSIONAL the value of your consultations.  All this cycle can not take more than 30 calendar days counted from credited the payment of THE USER.  The final  payment will be made by the  third company  to the PROFESSIONAL in the  bank account indicated by  THE PROFESSIONAL when registering in the application, to  transfer or deposit in  favor of THE PROFESSIONAL the  payment of their fees after deduction of the charges for service in favor of DOC if they were pertinent, as well as the services corresponding to the  The services  not charged  or for services charged in cash or through transfers by and for THE PROFESSIONAL.  This payment will be deposited in the bank account indicated by THE PROFESSIONAL in its registration process. If that bank account is in dollars then the payment is made in dollars, if it is in local currency, the equivalent of the dollar fee calculated at the bank exchange rate of purchase (the lower) at the time of deposit will be deposited  . 

  • DOC will make accounting closures of medical appointments twice a month, on the 15th or 30th (or 31 as the case may be) or the first business day after those dates result in such non-business dates. THE PROFESSIONAL, through the application, reviews the services performedors in those periods and may, if necessary, request clarifications from the local company. This process is carried out on the day immediately following the accounting closing date. If this is not done, DOC will take the results shown for certain and will proceed accordingly.  DOC will be able to make its closures daily and therefore make these tasks and deposits 2 business days after the provision and collection of services.

  • In the event that the payment of the rate is through an Insurer, the period of 30 calendar days is from the accreditation by the insurance institution of the amount of the fees and based on that parameter the term governs. 

  • In the event that THE USER pays in cash directly to THE PROFESSIONAL, DOC will reduce its expenses of the settlement of fees to THE PROFESSIONAL.

Privacy policy and user data for payments

DOC cares about your privacy. DOC's Sustainability Policy describes additional reporting practices applicable to payments made. By using DOC, you consent to our data practices, including the collection, use, processing, and sharing of your information, as described in our Privacy Policy.

Transactions are final. Once THE USER sends a payment through the PAYMENT GATEWAY, it is final. DOC does not provide refunds or facilitate chargebacks. DOC is not responsible for unauthorized transactions. We assume no responsibility for the underlying transaction of funds, nor for the actions or identity of any recipient or sender of the transfer. If THE PROFESSIONAL decides not to charge the service, DOC will instruct the PAYMENT GATEWAY to make the refund to the USER within seven (7) business days after payment. This is in accordance with the reimbursement policies of the banks involved in payment and reimbursement. In this case, DOC would charge  the PROFESSIONAL for the administrative costs of the transaction and deduct them from the next payment.

Fees and taxes.  THE PROFESSIONAL must pay any applicable fees arising from your use of DOC, including any overdraft, transaction or other fees charged by your bank, PAYMENT GATEWAY or DOC.  THE PROFESSIONAL must comply with applicable tax laws in connection with its use of DOC, including reporting and payment of any taxes related to transactions made through the PAYMENT GATEWAY and any income received from such transactions. DOC is not responsible for withholding, collecting, reporting or remitting any sales, use, value added, withholding  taxes or other taxes arising from any transaction with DOC. 

Commercial use of payments. If THE PROFESSIONAL is a business and uses  our SERVICES, you must comply with all applicable laws associated with your use of our SERVICES, including paid transactions. You must clearly disclose the terms and fees applicable to your customers and comply with any products or services you sell using ourSERVICES in  accordance with the terms of sale and applicable laws. DOC is not a party to the transaction.


We may modify or update these Payments Terms. Wewill not make modifications to our Payments Terms, as applicable, and update the "last modified" date at the top of our Payments Terms. Your continued use of DOC confirms your acceptance of our Terms, as amended. If you do not agree to our Payment Terms, as amended, you should stop using DOC.

Appointment Management Policies

Last modified: 19 May 2022

DOC has the facility to schedule appointments or give them online. The correct management of appointments and times is fundamental to the success of our SERVICES. Also, scheduling appointments and not showing up hurts the counterparty. Consequently, we have developed this policy which is implemented in DOC.

PROFESSIONAL does not make consultations in a month:

THE PROFESSIONAL who does not do at least four virtual or face-to-face services  in a calendar month, loses the faculty to use the DOC calendar function and therefore his patients will not be able to schedule appointments. It will always remain enabled in the application and you can do  virtual or face-to-face services. If you perform at least 4 queries in the following calendar month, the function will be enabled again.

Online appointments by USERS (Patients):

The USER chooses the PROFESSIONAL in DOC and pays for his session.  The previous professional changed  their status as "connected"  or "online" to show their availability. The USERspera to the PROFESSIONAL to have session.  THE PROFESSIONAL has 2 minutes of time to attend.  If THE PROFESSIONAL attends within 2 minutes of waiting, the session is carried out until its completion. In case of not doing so, the USER can choose to continue on hold or reschedule the meeting, or only allow THE PROFESSIONAL to be declared as "no show".  In this case the session is canceled,   the transaction is canceled, a message is presented to  the USER about the  "no show" and an evaluation screen of THE PROFESSIONAL.  The sessionis recorded as a "no show" of PROFESSIONAL.  DOC communicates via system (push notification) and email to the  PROFESSIONAL and  the USER the "no show".

Planning time for virtual appointments:

THE PROFESSIONAL can reserver in calendar provided by DOC in its version WEB periods of attention and then slots by type of appointment, to patients and  REPRESENTATIVES (MedicalAgents).  Appointment slots are variable for both USERS and  REPRESENTATIVES (Medical Visitors).  THE PROFESSIONAL sees calendar with assigned appointments and synchronizes it with their personal calendars through DOC. DOC notifies the PROFESSIONAL through application notifications (push notifications) and email  one day before and one hour before your appointment.  THE PROFESSIONAL expressly authorizes DOC to publish its schedule availability to both USERS and REPRESENTATIVES (Medical Visitors).

Cancellation or rescheduling of appointments by THE PROFESSIONAL

THE PROFESSIONAL may cancelan  appointment with  a USER  1 hour before or more before the appointment and invites the USER to schedule a new appointment. If it is within the hour before the appointment it is considered "no show" and is fined with US $ 10.  If THE PROFESSIONAL cancels the appointment or wants to reschedule, then cancels the appointment on the calendar. DOC sends an email to the USER and issues a communication in the application (push notification). The USER in turn uses DOC to schedule a new appointment.

Likewise, THE PROFESSIONAL may cancelan appointment with a REPRESENTATIVE. If you cancel the appointment  or want to reschedule, then you cancel the appointment on the calendar. DOC sends an email to the REPRESENTATIVE and issues a communication in the application (push notification).   THE REPRESENTATIVE in turn uses DOC to schedule a new appointment.

Cancellation or rescheduling of appointments by the USER

DOC USERS can also reschedule their appointments or cancel them. Calendars are updated with new schedule. If the rescheduling is the same day of the appointment, there could be a charge of up to 100%.  If the rescheduling is the day before the appointment or earlier there is no charge.

Non-presentation of the USER to a scheduled appointment

If the USER schedules an appointment and does not show up, after5 minutes of waiting he is declared "no show", he loses his appointment and there is no refund of his money. DOC sends the USER an email notifying  the "no show", theappointment s in dashboard comes out as "no show". 

Cancellation or rescheduling of appointments by REPRESENTATIVES

DOC REPRESENTATIVES may also reschedule or cancel appointments.  Calendars are updated with new schedule. 

Failure toshow up for a scheduled appointment

If THE REPRESENTATIVE schedules an appointment and does not show up, after5 minutes of waiting he is declared "no show", he loses his appointment. DOC sends  the REPRESENTATIVE an email notifying  the "no show", theappointment s in dashboard comes out as "no show". 

Nopresentation of THE PROFESSIONAL to a scheduled appointment with REPRESENTATIVE

If THE PROFESSIONAL schedules an appointment and does not show up,after 2 minutes of waiting is declared "no show" and the appointment is canceled. DOC sends  the REPRESENTATIVE and  the PROFESSIONAL an email notifying  the "no show", theappointment status in dashboard comes out as "no show". 

Conectando pacientes con médicos

y acortando la brecha farmacéutica.

© Doctors on Call • Costa Rica

Conectando pacientes con médicos

y acortando la brecha farmacéutica.

© Doctors on Call • Costa Rica